Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the principle of QuickFastChange?

    QuickFastChange is a Github application that you can activate on top of any of your repositories.
    It allows you and any people that you authorize to have access to a simple user interface.
    On this interface, people can search a term in the repositories, perform changes in the files directly in the search results and trigger the creation of a Pull Request.
    The whole process is happening on a single page.
    It allows non-developers to easily create requests to developers to change texts, labels and titles in a repository without the need of creating a ticket or task to the developers.

  • What are the platforms, languages and technologies supported?

    QuickFastChange is available as a Github application, it is compatible with any kind of Github repositories.

  • What are the data you save on my repositories, are you storing the whole code of my repositories?

    QuickFastChange is not storing the code of your repositories. It is using mainly the Github API and only storing physically in a database the minimum amount of data needed to perform searches in your repository/repositories, create pull requests and monitor their statuses.

    Aside of having logs of requests like most web applications, we're not explicitly storing the search terms performed using the interface, nor using any kind of data provided by the users for advertisement or to be sold or used for marketing reasons.